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"We have recently installed an on farm AD plant running on maize silage, fodder beet and poultry manure. 

The main by product is high value digestate fertilizer in the form of a thin slurry, we wanted to make best use of the available nutrients in our rotation

We approached digestate solutions to apply this onto our land, from the start they have been very professional, helpful, and quick, they have applied product with a trailing shoe to the stubbles prior to maize planting and grass.

More recently they have been using a 24m tramline dribble bar on our growing wheat crop, the crop had no bagged fertilizer applied at all, the results have been outstanding, it is by far the best crop of wheat we have on the farm, more green, better heads and surprisingly much less disease.

Digestate solutions and their team will be applying all our digeste across the whole farming area next season, benefits to our business will be better yields, artificial fertilizer bought onto the farm will be reduced to nothing providing a saving of £50-60,000 across 500 acres, and its environmentally sustainable."

Philip Mann

Partner – Bedstone Growers

Udder Company Ltd.


"Wayne and Rupert Middleton spread digestate over 20 Ha of grassland last year on our farm.  Having access to an analysis of the material, GPS mapping and autosteer guidance, combined with the ability to accurately measure the flow rate, has taken nutrient planning and application to a new level.  They have made a sizeable investment of time and money in becoming experts in their field, and I would highly recommend their service"


Matthew Ingram

Lower Reule Bioenergy Ltd.


"We used Digestate Solutions to apply more than 12,000m3 PAS 110 certified digestate to growing cereals and grassland in Spring 2013 using their precision spreading equipment and field mapping service.  Their

state of the art equipment in combination with their flexible and professional attitude delivered an excellent service which we would not hesitate to recommend." 


Helen Franklin, Managing Director, Lower Reule Bioenergy Ltd.

Cadbury at Marlbrook have employed Patricks to remove their waste since 1972. During that time Cadbury and Patricks have worked together to develop alternative “green” disposal routes in order to fulfil the ever changing environmental requirements” Cadbury UK



MS&EMPatrick have been a reliable and efficient service provider to Tyrrells Potato Chips over many years. Their service and advice has always been of the highest order.” Tyrrells Potato Chips.


“Patricks is a very friendly and helpful company. Willing to help their customers out of any situation if they are able to. We shall be using them in the future for sure” Geothermal International Ltd."