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Removal of Waste from AD Plant

The waste product from the anaerobic digester is known as digestate or bio fertiliser.

Digestate Solutions can safely remove this waste from your AD Plant and recycle it back onto the land.

The digestate which is produced from the anaerobic digestion process undergoes pasteurization to ensure that pathogens are killed. The digestate is then stored in large covered tanks ready to be applied twice a year to farmland as a bio fertiliser to help crop nutrition. 

The use of this high nutrient bio fertiliser replaces the use of fossil fuel derived fertilizer and ensures nothing in the anaerobic digestion process is wasted. 

Digestate Solutions will ensure that the analysis of the digestate and soil analysis is all taken care of and dealt with in compliance with the regulations to protect the environment.

Working with the farmer and the recycling team using our tanker lorries, we will load up the digestate from the storage tanks and transport to a headland tank located near the allocated field ready for our recycling team to distribute the digestate to the land using our accurate umbilical slurry spreading equipment.

The rate the digestate is applied to soil must not exceed crop requirements and must consider the soil analysis and cropping history of the field.  In most situations the spreading rate will be determined by the phosphate content of the digestate product and soil phosphate index.

As with the recycling to land of all other waste streams, timing of application and the areas that receive applications should be in accordance with agricultural best practice codes. 


 If Digestate Solutions can help you in any part of the process of getting your digestate from the Ad Plant to Land then please contact us.