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In March 2011 our Slurry Spreading Technology was featured in the Farmer newspaper that covers Shropshire, Staffordshire, Herefordshire, Derbyshire, Cheshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and Mid Wales.

The Article that the Farmer paper printed was as follows :-

Hi-tech gear helps coverage of fields

A Herefordshire contractor is employing the latest technology including flow meters and field mapping to provide customers with an accurate application of slurry/digestate enabling them to reduce fertiliser costs.

R C Middleton and Son at Yarpole, Leominster took over the customer base of a umbilical slurry pumping business from a close family relation in 2004 to work alongside their existing ground works business.

They purchased a new pump trailer from Tramspread of Suffolk which carries a John Deere engine, Bauer pump, air compressor, 1200 metre reeler, a new 10 metre slash plate applicator. An ex demonstrator Massey Ferguson 6480 tractor completed the kit.

“It soon became clear we had no idea what quality and quantity of slurry we were applying, therefore we purchased a testing kit and flow meter which provided a print out of hectare covered and cubic metres applied,” said Rupert Middleton who runs the business with son Wayne.

 Four years later, having won the work to pump slurry a distance of over 3,200 meters for a new organic dairy unit,  the Norman Partnership at The Leen, Pembridge, they purchased a  trailing shoe which puts the slurry on top of ground allowing it to spread to each plant reducing contamination and nitrogen losses.

Next a light bar system was added to the tractor to assist the operator and in October 2009 an order was placed with RVW Pugh at Churchstoke for a fully auto guide Massey Ferguson 7480 and a Top Con 150 system.

 “This gave us field mapping, boundary warning to inform Wayne when he is at the correct distance from water courses, ditches etc. He then can download the field maps on to a memory stick for the NVZ records, EA concerns.  All this and the tractor steers itself” Rupert explains.

The new tractor came on board in Spring 2010 and proved extremely satisfactory. They also subscribe to a 24/7 SAT.  The system works well and has helped us to gain the work of local company MS and EM Patrick to apply their recycled waste.

“Spring 2011 sees the arrival of a new Auto Guide Massey Ferguson 7480 tractor and new pump trailer from Tramspread. This second unit will allow us to offer our usual service to our customers even though our year is now compressed into 9 months due to a 3 month closed period on all NVZ ground,” Rupert explained.

“ Also new for 2011 will be a 24 metre dribble bar, allowing us to apply to cereals using tram lines. Although this machine will work happily on slurry it is anticipated its main use will be working closely with M S and EM Patrick on digestate from AD plants via their road tankers to a sited nurse tank in the field.” He added.

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