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 Accurate Umbilical Slurry Spreading

Once the digestate or liquid sludge has been transferred from the road tanker to the headland tank Digestate Solutions then use the most up to date equipment and latest technology e.g. GPS System, to apply the sludges accurately providing an even application to the land.

Knowledge acquired over many years enable us to recycle digestate or sludge in the most effective way, providing excellent crop nutrition.

As well as complying with EA legislation we will provide the farmer with accurate information for his farm management records.

Our professional cost effective and friendly service demonstrates our commitment to recycling. We ensure organic sludge's and digestate, the by products from the Anaerobic Digestion process are a benefit rather than a problem.


 If Digestate Solutions can help you in any part of the process of getting your digestate from the Ad Plant to Land then please contact us.