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 About Us

Digestate solutions was formed when two local family run companies came together when Patricks pumping system broke down one weekend and showing their commitment to “get the job done” and not let the plant and farmer down they called on R.C Middleton & Son to help out . From that day to this they have been successful in working together in recycling to land. With Patrick's Mike, Liz & Emma’s knowledge & experience of the permitting and transport of such products and R.C Middleton and Son's knowledge & experience and up to date equipment we feel we are the ultimate solution to your digestate.


Patricks are a well established and experienced waste recycling company. They have experience in dealing with large companies, farmers, environment agency, and councils so are able to cover all aspects of recycling to land. They efficiently take care of the management and transport of digestate sludge's, they liaise with ad plants, agronomists, farmers and the environment agency using their knowledge and experience of over 25 years of recycling and waste disposal to provide an efficient recycling to land solution.  When they have the analysis of the digestate they then find land and carry out soil analysis tests and risk assessments, liaise with the farmer to find out crop requirements so they can apply for permits to recycle to land, all this ensures the right amount can be applied to the crop whilst striving to protect the environment. Once they have the recycle to land permits they liaise with the AD plant and the farmer to get the product onto farm via experienced courteous lorry drivers using a fleet of lorries and tractor tankers ranging in capacities from 9m3 (2,000 gallons) to 30m3 (7,000 gallons). Once on farm the product is discharged from the lorries into a headland nurse tank and then applied via umbilical pumping system. 

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R.C Middleton & Son

Rupert and Wayne of R.C. Middleton & Son, both from farming backrounds, started umbilical slurry spreading in 2004 when they took over the customer base from a local slurry spreading contractor. From that day to the present day they have prided themselves on doing a quality and conscientious job. They use the latest equipment, a tractor equipped with gps and flowmeter. Two years ago they started using a gps light bar, but found the light bar was not accurate enough for them and so progressed onto a full factory fitted gps integrated auto guide tractor using subscription satellites to give 24/7 accuracy, which coupled with a flow meter provides a accurate application of the product. GPS mapping provides a record of where and how much of  the product has been spread which is all down loaded to a memory stick. Using polyurethane lay flat hose run out from their bauer sx 2000 pump to a 6 metre trailing shoe, further to this a 24 metre dribble bar is planned for 2011 to allow them to apply to crops using tram lines both of these applicators gives low odour when spreading therefore extremely low nitrogen losses. Using this level off equipment they aim to make best use of products as a fertiliser, giving the farmer the full benefit of recycling from a renewable energy source.

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